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PUBLIC AWARENESS POST – Being the citizens it is our right to know and to inform the concerned authorities about any violation- ECP Pakistan “Violation Of Election Commission’s Code” Register your complaints there right away by calling or emailing them directly and INCPak is determined to provide you all the links / information / contacts which are available recently I found this, which is pretty useful specially these days when Radio / Tv Channels / Cable and General complaints are difficult to point out to the concerned authorities.

Register your complaints and please do that it doesn’t charge you anything – what happens that such notifications gets released but they go under, whereas I think this should be displayed daily in the news papers and across pakistan to know there is some place to report – below given Toll free number is authentic and verified!  Kindly share the information link and page with others as well so that we can make them assure that people of Pakistan are awake and they are registering complaints.



Be the responsible citizen of Pakistan …..

Any Complaint regarding Cable operator click below



Any Complaint regarding Tv Channel


Any Complaint regarding Radio Channels


Any Complaint regarding anything which you see violates election commission’s code



The copy of the published ad in the news paper ( cutting ) just to make you sure that it is for real and kindly share with others as well.

Write to us at – the information which you think publicly shared for the awareness share with us and we’ll share with the entire nation….

INCPak ~ Spreading Awareness ………

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