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KPK Budget 2014-15


The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa budget for fiscal year 2014-15 of over Rs. 4.04 trillion has been presented.  Budget recommendations with Rs. 139 billion for Annual Development Programs (ADPs) and Rs. 261 billion for ongoing schemes have been allocated. The budget is presented in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provincial Assembly .

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa budget for fiscal year 2014-15 amounting to 404.8 billion rupees was announced in Peshawar on Saturday evening.

Speaking in the Nuqta-e-Naqar program of Radio Pakistan’s News and Current Affairs Channel, analyst Fouzia Kalsoom Rana said a record amount of 111 billion rupees has been allocated for education sector showing 33 percent increase as compared to the outgoing fiscal year.

Senior analyst  Tahir Muhammad said in the budget special attention has been paid to overcome unemployment, promote business activities and speedy development of education and health sectors. He said the announcement of health insurance scheme for the welfare of poor people is a great step.

Speaking about Afghan presidential election, Barrister Muhammad Ali Saif said Pakistan supports peaceful transition of power in Afghanistan. He said peaceful Afghanistan is in interest of Pakistan.

Senior journalist Sabir Shakir said voting process has been completed successfully in Afghanistan. He said no any major untoward incident has been witnessed which is a great success of Afghanistan government.

Senior journalist Mohsin Raza said Pakistan made special security arrangements at Pak-Afghan border for peaceful conduct of presidential elections in Afghanistan.

KPK Budget 2014-15


  1. Allocation of Rs. 1587 million for agriculture growth.
  2. Allocation of Rs. 8132 million for primary and secondary education.
  3. Allocation of Rs. 3046 million for energy and power.
  4. Allocation of Rs. 57 million for environment.
  5. Allocation of Rs. 4094 million for finance.
  6. Allocation of Rs. 149 million for Aquaf.
  7. Allocation of Rs. 1271million for buildings.
  8. Allocation of Rs. 1672 million for district ADPs.
  9. Allocation of Rs. 501 million for food.
  10. Allocation of Rs. 1015 million for forests.
  11. Allocation of Rs. 8280 million for health.
  12. Allocation of Rs. 6180 million for higher education.
  13. Allocation of Rs. 956 million for housing.
  14. Allocation of Rs. 3471 million for industries.
  15. Allocation of Rs. 224 million for information.
  16. Allocation of Rs. 26 million for labor.
  17. Allocation of Rs. 105 million for law.
  18. Allocation of Rs. 626 million for mineral development.
  19. Allocation of Rs. 330 million for population.
  20. Allocation of Rs. 7900 million for the poor.
  21. Allocation of Rs. 12258 million for local development.
  22. Allocation of Rs.2053 for relief activities.
  23. Allocation of Rs. 1001 million for research.
  24. Allocation of Rs. 9590 million for local infrastructure.
  25. Allocation of Rs. 500 million for social welfare.
  26. Allocation of Rs. 1325 million for sport and tourism.
  27. Allocation of Rs. 1000 million for Science and Technology.
  28. Allocation of Rs. 200 million for Public Transport.
  29. Allocation of Rs. 7467 million for urban development.
  30. Allocation of Rs. 4737 million for safe drinking water.

KPK to levy some additional taxes as money generated from taxes would be used for public welfare. Annual Development Programs has been raised by 18%.