India had released 100,900 cusecs water – High Flash Flood enter Pakistan Today.

In River Indus‚ high flash flood of over five lakh cusecs is passing through the Rajanpur‚ Kot Mithan‚ Rojhan‚Chacharan and Zahir Peer areas after passing through Ghazi Ghat and Jam Pur areas.

According to the District Administration Rajanpur and Muzaffargarh ‚ all the safety bunds are safe and no breach has been occurred in Mashwari bund near Kotmithan.

Assistant Commissioner Rajan Pur Radio Pakistan Multan correspondent‚ that there is no immediate threat to Kot Mithan city. He said that water is gradually increasing in the area due to the arrival of Chenab water in River Indus through Punjnad Headworks.

The Assistant Commissioner said that the rescue teams of different departments are busy in shifting the people at safer places from the both sides of the river. He said that 27 villages of Rajanpur have been hit by flood while the standing crops on thousands of acres have been smashed.

India has released more water into River Sutlej and Rohi Nullah. The flood water has inundated Billal Wala‚ Fatohi Wala‚ Basti Kilanjar and Chanda Singh Wala villages in Kasur District. The local administration had evacuated 20 villages as precautionary measure.

Earlier‚ India had released 100‚900 cusecs water from Harike Headworks. It will enter Pakistan today.

Around 84‚000 cusecs water‚ released by India in River Sutlej from Ferozpur Headworks has entered Pakistani territory and will reach Ganda Singhwala today.

District administration has issued flood warning and asked the people living around River Sutlej to shift to safer places.

Meanwhile‚ water level in Chenab River is gradually rising near Multan and Muzaffargarh districts and the villages of Pond areas and the river belt are inundated.

According to the DCO Muzaffargarh‚ the high Flash flood in River Chenab is expected to pass through the area on Wednesday.
According to Flood Forecasting Division Lahore‚ River Indus at Taunsa and Guddu‚ River Ravi at Shahdara and Balloki are in Medium Flood level.

While River Indus at Chashma and Sukkur‚ River Kabul at Nowshera‚ River Chenab at Khanki and Qadirabad and River Sutlej at Sulemanki are in Low Flood.

River Ravi at Shahdara is likely to fall into Low Flood level during next 15-hours.

However‚ the Flood Forecasting Division has issued an alert for River Sutlej which is likely to attain Medium Flood Level at Ganda Singh Wala during next 15-hours.

Meanwhile‚ Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has directed the Punjab government to utilize all possible resources for accelerating relief activities in the flood-hit areas.

He said this during a meeting with the Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif in Lahore.

The Prime Minister expressed satisfaction over the measures being taken by the Punjab government for providing relief to flood affected people.

Punjab Chief Minister briefed the Prime Minister regarding flood situation and relief activities in the province.

Chief Minister said provincial ministers and senior officers are present in the flood-hit areas for supervising relief activities.

He said relief camps have also been set up for the flood victims in the affected areas.

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