A Short term Moderate Heat wave is likely to Grip Southern Parts of Pakistan from 30th Sep 2015 and is likely to continue for next 3 days. Under its influence Temperature will Rise to Alarming levels in Sindh.

Karachi will also Remain under the grip of this upcoming Severe Heat wave and Temperature area likely to Rise upto 41’C to 43’C.
The Feels Like Temperatures may Reach upto 41 – 44’C

Therefore Weather Updates PK WARNS all its member to take Proper Precautionary Measure to Avoid any Related issues.
KARACHI (72 hours / 3 days) Highs:

Wednesday: 39-40’C
Thursday: 41-42’C
Friday: 38-40’C

Due to Super Dry spread out Humidity levels will also Remain between 20-40% increasing thus creating Breathing problems for Asthma Patients they take extra Care.

– Stay Hydrated as much as possible.
– Do Not go Outside IF not necessary.
– Keep Your House Cool
– Eat Light
(They also Suffer from Such Heated Conditions).

It is also worth mentioning that night / early morning temperatures will remain very much normal infact bit cooler night where temps will hover between 25-27’C.

There are some Facebook pages and irresponsible media is spreading False and Fake news that this heatwave is likely to continue till 7th OCT , NO this is not expected at all there will be break in heat after Friday. So members do not simply copy paste unreliable information this spread unwanted Rumors

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