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Karachi Suffers badly 17th wouldn’t resolve CNG Crisis

Karachi – Yet another day CNG closed after 12 Midnight for 24 hours, This time it’s not government but CNG station owners are doing this because Supreme court has taken action against their Tax Returns in which 70% are defaulters. I was speaking to the filler at CNG station last night he said

” They are 3 times more defaulter  than they have earned, CNG owners will never agree on supreme courts policies, so don’t expect any result on 17th December Next hearing of CNG issue in Supreme Court”.

well who else would know the better than the person working there since 7 years constantly, I already reported that CNG owners were earning 35 Rupees profit per KG before this partnership was with OGRA which was getting 35 Rupees, The Actual SSGL Gas price was 21 Rupees per KG, I am expecting Justice on this issues, they are defaulters and previously earned more than one can imagine now when the time has came to know about Tax Returns CNG People seems unhappy and shutting off their stations after 1 day break.

Karachi there are always long cue lines, even on the Shahrah-e-faisal , M.A Jinnah Road in which traffic gets disturbed, I am wondering why Government fails to keep them open or if they close why not cancel the liecence, Today again on 12th of December there will be no CNG available in entire Sindh including Karachi where as Commerical Communitor Vans which run on a long routes like Karachi to Hyderabad , Sukkur , Dadu , Larkana , Shikarpur and Jacobabad will be going on routinly without any trouble because they get the CNG from their Hidden stations, meanwhile Auto Richshaw and Private Vehicles will run out of Gas.

What it seems that it would continue on for December 2012 and eventually by January 2013 OGRA will higher the Petrol Prices for no good reason to adjust 60% of it CNG Price, It would be some what 75 Rs Means expected Price of Petrol is gonna be 120/- Rupees per litre, May Allah have mercy on this Nation but the way corruption is happening, Only life line everyone is looking toward is Supreme Court nothing else in this Country.

Prayers Needed for Pakistan.


Farhan Imaan

INCPak Team.