Local Government (LG) Bill 2013 approved by Sindh Assembly

Local Government bill passed in Sindh Assembly on Monday  as Muttahida Qaumi Movement walkout in protest.
Bill was passed with majority after huge uproar and much-debated bill was presented during the session of the Sindh Assembly.
MQM representatives believed it was unfair to discuss a bill that had not been read by all members present. Chants of “shame” could be heard as MQM protested vocally.
“A draft was shared with us online, however that was a draft. We did not have enough time to read this huge document. How can we discuss something unless all members of the assembly have read the bill?” asked MQM representative Faisal Subzwari.
Only 10% of the assembly has received copies of the bill, he added.
The bill on Sindh Local Government Law 2013 has been prepared by the Pakistan Peoples Party- led government in Sindh in compliance with the Supreme Court of Pakistan’s orders to hold the LG election by September 15.

According to the bill, elections throughout Sindh will be based on political party affiliations.

Karachi would be given the status of a metropolis, with the establishment of five municipal corporations in five of its districts.

On the other hand, municipal corporations would also be established in three districts of Sindh.

The chief of the metropolis would be called the Mayor, while the head of the district council would be the Chairman. The bill further states that the chairman of the local government commission would also be the local government minister.

Finally, the metropolitan sector has been given the option to receive 13 different taxes.

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