It was sent to me by a friend and I would like to share with you all, kindly share it with others, a little kid needs help, his parents aren’t able to afford the expense, It is my Humble request to all, if you can kindly help ( Donate / Contribute ) Serve Humanity open, what so ever is possible it is a noble cause and share this post with others as well.

It is my Personal Request to all and May Allah bless you 

Farhan Imaan F.Abro



Original Post

Hi All,

A kid, Ajwa, suffering from Leukemia is being treated in Aga Khan. The parents aren’t wealthy enough to afford the payment.  If you’re interested, kindly donate whatever you can on the MR#193-31-10 at Aga Khan Hospital Karachi.

Donate as much as possible and share this post with others, we know our little contribution can save this child.

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