River Indus in medium floods at Guddu barrage

River Indus at Kalabagh, Chashma, Taunsa and Guddu is in medium flood level while low at Sukkur.

River Kabul at Nowshera and River Ravi at Sidhnai are in low flood.

Sharp peak of High flood is expected in River Jhelum at Mangla.

River Indus is in medium flood at Guddu barrage and low flood at Sukkur barrage which has caused inundation of low lying areas in kacha areas in Ghotki, Sukkur and Kashmore-Kandhkot districts of the province.

Radio Pakistan Karachi correspondent Altaf Pirzado reports precautionary measures are being taken to avoid any eventuality in case of floods.

At Guddu Barrage, four lac five thousand fifty one cusecs water inflow has been recorded in the upstream and three lac twenty nine thousand six hundred twenty nine cusecs outflow in the downstream.

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