Samsung Galaxy J7

App developers gets a chance to win Samsung Galaxy J7

Are you an android app developer? If yes you have a chance to win Samsung Galaxy J7 just by making an appealing Calculator app and INCPak pushing beyond the limits to empower youth.

We want you to submit your app via email along with your name and calculator app features, APK will be tested by and INCPak Teams, make sure your app should be appealing, shows your creativity and with loads of features, The best calculator app developer will be decided by and INCPak and the winner will be announced  on INCPak website and INCPak Forum ( Facebook Group )

Share this post on your Facebook Timeline, we will be monitoring you. 

Make a Calculator app with useful features, there should be feature that appeal to Pakistanis, appearance matters  we aren’t looking for something which already exists, your app concept should be original – Submit your app via email to [email protected] you will be notified once the app is received.

We are not interested in your classroom project, but we want professional touch. For the first time in Pakistan, IT  Talent Hunt contest held by  Online E-commerce website and INCPak in which you’re getting a chance to win Samsung Galaxy J7.

Samsung Galaxy J7


Note :-

  • Share this post on your on Facebook
  • You should be the app developer because you’ll be questioned for it.
  • Your app shouldn’t be existing on the web anywhere until now.
  • Mention your app features in the email.
  • Your app will become the property of and INCPak  ( additional chances for logo will be made )
  • Your app should be appealing otherwise it won’t be shared on INCPak website.
  • Mention your name, address and contact number in email.
  • This offer is valid for 3 days starts from today 13th October 2015 till 15th October 2015 midnight.
  • No entry will be considered eligible for this contest after mentioned time.
  • and INCPak will announce the winner.



By and INCPak .


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  1. Mohammad Hashir Mehmood

    Plz see noir a900 ios 8 discussion too..

  2. Done sharing and submitting. Please review the app.