Bytes Black Friday Sale upto 60% off is once again back with a new offer which is a lot simpler and easier than the last sale. 9 November Sale  was the largest sale in Pakistan but there were many people who couldn’t get the product and others had coupon issue. Total number of products on sale was limited too.So this time they have come up with a simpler solution. Bytes Black Friday offer says:

No Coupons. No Quantity Limits. Save a flat 60% on all Mobile Phone Cases for all phones from 27 November till 30 November 2015 only on More than 100 new cases will also be launched in the sale.

Yes that is right. All Mobile Phone Cases are on sale for three whole days. You don’t have to add any coupons. There is no limit on quantity. There is no limit of time (for whole three days). So grab your keyboards and start ordering at

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