This new way of logging into apps gives more control in the hands of users who can choose what personal information these apps receive.

Logging in anonymously will let users have access to the apps without worrying about their information being accessed by the devices. They can choose to share any additional information, if they prefer, at a later stage.

New version of Facebook Login that gives people the option to pick and choose what information apps get by checking or unchecking categories one by one. It also doesn’t allow the apps to post to Facebook without permission.

Other improvements announced at the f8 developers’ conference include a redesigned App Control Panel, which the company notes in its blog is a central place for people to see and manage the apps they use.Screenshot_2

It is currently being tested with a few developers and Facebook plans to extend it to more developers in the coming months.

While the new Login will be rolled out in the next few months, the updated app control panel will be available in the coming weeks.



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