How to Check – Original Phone or Fake ?


Mobile Markets are filled with Fake Phones and they selling them as Original phones even with Branded tags beside it the replica phones are present in the market that looks similar to the original phone, to check whether your phone is original or fake there are two ways of checking it. These methods will help you a lot while buying a used cell phone.

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First Check the following Features :

  • Be careful about the spellings For example, Soniericsson, Nokla and Samsvng
  • Warranties:  Always insist on 12 months warranty certificate from the handset manufacturers; Never an oral agreement with the seller. Fake phones come with a shorter warranty periods since counterfeiters cannot guarantee it will last so long
  • Check for performance of the handset: Some people carry their phones home without testing it first. Some dealers encourage this, knowing the handset is fake. As you check it out, you may notice some points of low performance such as memory which is smaller or poor quality photos.
  • Appearances: like dull colors , Fake logos,built quality difference in weight, screen size, location of buttons and battery, quality of printing and paint finish, added or missing functions, quality control stickers and holograms and an overall lack of quality.

Fake Or Original Phone

Original Phone

Dial *#06#

Unlock you mobile phone if it lock type *#06# and press dial button then you can get this code.

The other method is checking Phones quality through 15 digit IMEI code :

  • Dial *#06#

IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. It is a 15-digit number and may be found in the packet of the mobile phone. It may also be found by removing the back cover and it may be placed on the battery sticker.

The number might be as below: 

3 6 9 3 9 5 0 1 2 3 5 5 6 7 8

Now look at the 7th and 8th digit. These two digits will ensure your phone’s quality!
  • If the seventh and eighth digits are 00 this indicates your cell phone is manufactured in Original Factory which ensures the best quality.
  • If the seventh and eighth digits are 01 or 10 this indicates your cell phone is manufactured in Finland which is high quality.
  • If the seventh and eighth digits are 13 this indicates your cell phone is assembled in Azerbaijan which is too bad. And it is also dangerous for health!
  • If the seventh and eighth digits are 02 or 20 this indicates your cell phone is assembled in Emirates which is very poor quality. (NB: Some Indian sets have this number)
  • If the seventh and eighth digits are either 03/30 04/40, this indicates your phone is made in China but its quality is good. But not good either as 00, 01 or 10.
  • If the seventh and eighth digits are 05 or 50 this indicates your cell phone is manufactured either in Brazil or USA or Finland.
  • If the seventh and eighth digits are 06 or 60 this indicates your cell phone is manufactured either in Hong Kong, or China or Mexico.
  • If the seventh and eighth digits are 08 or 80 this indicates your cell phone is manufactured in Germany which is fair quality.
This will help you to pick the good one. Try it. But, remember, these tips may not work with the Sony Erickson Mobile Phone.
Though the above information has been collected from very reliable sources, 1 or 2 of them may slightly vary.
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  1. hi,,,is there any useful tracks to know the mob set either original or fake? or the country that manufacture except this eime 7th and 8th digits track??

  2. i hv samsung grand prime ,it hs 7th and 8th digits 07,but labelled Made in China hvng 1 year warrnty,,,,,wht about it? is it fake or original?????

  3. Hy! the seventh and eight digits in my S4i9500 appears as 07. What does it mean??? can any one explain? As it is not explained above?

  4. My phone is Samsung Galaxy GT-I9300, IMEI 7th & 8th Digit shows 05 which is manufactured in USA/Finland or Brazil as Info Provided above but “Phone Info” app shows that Country of Origin “Made in China” also on the sticker behind battery also shows Made in China. I bought this in warranty. So is this china made phone or International Version?

  5. Hi there, could you please let me know if there is anyone out there that is inspecting these 7. and 8. digits so that the buyers really get what they paid for and that the phone is really made there? Thanks for the info.


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