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Huawei Ascend G510 kernel released

It was quite SHOCKING today as i was searching on google and I FOUND THAT KERNEL FOR Huawei Ascend G510 has been released though the kernel is for Chinese phones but it modified to work on huawei ascend G510 international model though now a lot more could be done with this phone CYNANOGEN MOD 10 is also ported but its alpha though in the coming days we would expect more stable build right now if u have this phone u are one lucky person.

link for ascend g510 kernel: link

link for cynanogen mod 10 for huawei ascend g510  :link



From here it looks like the best 4.2.2 rom I’ve tested for this device.
Way better than http://www.htcmania….ad.php?t=590999, faster, on this ROM wifi is connecting fast not like the other one.

As for bugs, 3G is not working, neither is bluetooth, the max clock is set to 1ghz, you can OC it to 1.2ghz from “performance” in settings.
If I can help you with some logcat just let me know.

P.S: I had to use the fix in order to be able to flash the rom.

Later edit: Sadly, calls are not working, if you try to call some1 it’s stuck at “dialing” and you can’t hang up unless you reboot the phone
Later edit2: calls now work after some restarts (strange…) but the hangup problem is still there.G510

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