Infinix Zero 4 X574 leaked images and Specs

Infinix Smartphones some are satisfied and yet the others are disappointed, Infinix Zero 4 X574 leaked images and specs shows what’s ahead.

Unfortunately Infinix Mobility always ignored Zero series when it comes to updates, If you remember Infinix Zero 2 never received any official update and launched another flagship Infinix Zero 3 which is suffering with XOS update with tons of bugs expecting Zero 4 X574 they’ll learn some lesson from the past that users are unhappy with No frequent updates.

Infinix has started launching Metallic body phones with their new series called ‘Hot S‘ then The Note 3 which will be launch in Pakistan Soon but its already launched in other countries. Infinix is gonna launch their 2 Flagships phone under Zero Series called “Zero 4 (x574) & Zero 4 Plus” here are some leak photos and specs of Zero 4 (x574).

Yet we don’t want to speculate about the price of Infinix Zero 4 X574 and expected launch in November or after.


  1. Processor: MediaTek Helio X20 64-bit mesh and a Processor Speed of Dual-core 2.3 GHz Cortex-A72 and quad-core 2.3 GHz Cortex-A53 and quad-core 1.4 GHz Cortex-A53 with a Graphical processor, including Mali 780
    Screen: 5.5 Inch IPS Display
    Rom/Ram: 32GB/3GB, 64GB/4GB
    Camera: 16 MP A/F Rear Camera / 8 MP front facing Camera with LED flash
    4.5x Flash Charging
    Finger Print Scanner

Infinix Zero 4 X574 leaked images and Specs
Infinix Zero 4 X574 leaked images and Specs
Infinix Zero 4 X574 leaked images and Specs
Infinix Zero 4 X574 leaked images and Specs

Antutu Benchmark score of Infinix Zero 4 X574 

Infinix Zero 4 X574 leaked images and Specs

Screen Shot of About Phone:

Infinix Zero 4 X574 leaked images and Specs

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Infinix Smartphones are comparatively better when we compare with Qmobile Smartphones specially the mid range phones budget friendly phones, but Infinix is suffering just because they haven’t provided solid customer support apart from their So called Web forum which is always messed up and on Facebook where mostly people are just sharing images and home screen screenshots. Point is the reason  we are criticizing because nobody is willing to deal with customers just like Qmobile.  They should be realizing that people want proper platform , A team of qualified individuals those who been in Pakistani market like us INCPak.

I am proud to say INCPak Team members are always helpful as on our INCPak Forum on facebook we assist technical issues and share roms on the web with everyone.

INCPak Team : Sir Ahmed Ali Shah, Muttahir Aon Syed , Ali Gulrez , Ali Jee, Jawad Naqvi, Asad Shaikh ( Myself ) and Farhan Imaan Abro, we are the only team from Pakistan actively working on custom roms and assisting people.

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