LeWa OS v5 for QMobile Noir A20

As promised, INCPak is back with another ROM for QMobile Noir A20, a quad-core beast by QMobile. LeWa OS is customized Operating System with a customized User Interface based on Android AOSP. It has been updated to lastest version i.e. v5. This ROM is for OLD Batch A20’s. This might not work on newer Batch A20’s. It includes Google Play Store and other Gapps. It can also be installed on other devices like Xolo Q800, Gionee GN708w, Symphony W125, Allview P5 Quad and Polytron W7450. Features and Screenshots of the ROM are provided below along with Installation Method.


pic1Dual card experience

Both the SIMS are working in this Port. Overall call quality improved. Baseband updated to MP.V5.F1.P56 for better signal strength even in remote areas.

pic2Phone, Call Log, Contacts and Messages in a Single App

Phone App, Call Log App, Contacts and Messaging App merged into a single App. Smart Avatar Included in Contacts App. New Keypad in Phone App. Android Stock Keyboard in Messaging App. Newer InCall Experience. Call Recording and Add another call option added.
pic3Newer Desktop without Drawer

Unlike LeWa v4, LeWa v5 has a newer Desktop with all the icons arranged on the Desktop to easily access. Drawer has been removed to make the Launcher more smooth and look more natural. It includes a newer Lockscreen which is more elegant and attractive than that of LeWa v4’s Locksreen.

pic4Themes App

Lots of new themes are available online in LeWa v5. Themes can be customized manually.
pic5Security Center Built-in App for better Security

One Touch Optimize feature added. Alongwith detailed Description of Security Issues.

pic7The New Camera

The newer Camera App makes it easier to capture the precious moments around you. Makes the capturing easy, smooth and fast. Larger View angle. HDR and low light photo capability overall increased. Front Camera low light issue resolved. Against the light photography has been improved.

pic8Live Album

With the way the timeline display photos, found in the past around wonderful bit. New style of displaying photos.



Screenshot_2013-12-15-19-23-23 Screenshot_2013-12-15-20-51-54 Screenshot_2013-12-15-20-52-08 Screenshot_2013-12-15-20-52-16 Screenshot_2013-12-15-20-52-25 Screenshot_2013-12-15-20-52-28 Screenshot_2013-12-15-20-52-34 Screenshot_2013-12-15-20-52-42 Screenshot_2013-12-15-20-55-37 Screenshot_2013-12-15-20-55-44 Screenshot_2013-12-15-20-59-13 Screenshot_2013-12-15-20-59-47 Screenshot_2013-12-15-20-59-58 Screenshot_2013-12-15-21-00-20 Screenshot_2013-12-15-21-00-50 Screenshot_2013-12-15-21-01-27 Screenshot_2013-12-15-21-01-38



(Google Drive)

Installation Method:

Please make a nandroid backup of your device first. INCPak Team will not be responsible for any damage to your device while installing this ROM.

1. You will need a Rooted OLD Noir A20 with a Custom Recovery Installed (Either TWRP or CWM). We will be using TWRP

2. Copy the downloaded file on your SD-CARD.

3. Power off your phone.

4. Turn your phone on in recovery mode (by pressing VOLUME UP + POWER buttons).

5. Select Wipe and then Wipe these in order.


Dalvik Cache

Factory Reset


Android Secure

6. Go back to Main Menu

7. Select Install and choose the downloaded ROM to be installed.

8. Let it take its time.

9. After installation Click Reboot System. 

10. The phone will reboot into LeWa OS v5.

By installing this ROM, you agree to INCPak Logo terms and conditions. Again, This ROM is for OLD Batch A20’s.


-Ali Jee (Android Developer & Tech Talks Member of INCPak)

-Farhan Imaan (CEO & Owner of INCPak)

-INCPak Team
For Queries, please visit 



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