If it looks good and smells good, then it is good. At least that’s what we’re hoping will happen with our laundry in the LG Styler, a new washing machine that promises to clean clothes without using water or detergent. The odd innovation boasts a hot air technology that will scrub the dirt of your shirts using steam and other secret magic the company has yet to reveal.

The LG Styler is a unique product designed for both washable and dry-cleanable clothes,” said Seong-jin Jo, President and CEO of LG Electronics Home Appliance Company. “The Styler can refresh and deodorize multiple fabrics, from shirts, sweaters and ties, to suits and thick winter coats, so they stay wearable longer, limiting sometimes expensive dry-cleaning.”

The LG Styler also boasts a Moving Hanger feature that will give your clothes a gentle shake to remove wrinkles, odors, and dust. If you’re not liking the way your clothes smell, the Styler can also spray select aromatic scents to mask the musk. All this is controlled by a touch panel on the front of the door, although this next-gen design is making the Styler look just like a refrigerator. It also looks like something kids can easily find themselves crawling inside.LG-Styler-Waterless-washing-machine

Newer models of washing machines all claim they consume less water – but not using water or detergent at all is news to us (although steam is technically produced with a little bit of H2O). If the technology works as promise, and LG can figure out a way to childproof the machine, the Styler could be the greenest solution to combat water waste and yearly expense on expensive detergents or dry cleaning.

There are currently no release dates or price information are available; The LG Styler was officially announced back in January during CES 2013, so hopefully we will see the complete product by next year

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