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Mi Fone mi A500 Rom for QMobile i9 and QMobile Noir i12

Once again Syed Ahmed Ali Shah comes up with double treat, Mi Fone Mi A500 Rom for Qmobile Noir i9 and QMobile Noir i12, successful ported on both devices and no bugs reported, Check out the screenshots slide show.

Double treat always sounds cool, INCPak Trends same rom for multiple devices, let us know what do you think about this rom.

Bugs :-   Not reported yet

Fixes :-   Not Available

Mi Fone Mi A500 Rom

Qmobile Noir i9 and Qmobile Noir i12


Download Links

Mi Fone mi A500 Rom for QMobile i12



Mi Fone mi A500 Rom for QMobile i9 


Credits :-

Syed Ahmed Ali Shah                          Screenshots + Roms

Farhan Imaan F.Abro                        Post

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  1. This multi porting is amazing *_*

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