Nokia Lumia 929  the next big device, Evleaks posted a pictures today .Following on their Lumia 928 device, not too much is known about the 929 except that it will be 1080P with a 20MP PureView camera, and a switch from Xenon to dual LED camera flash.

According to the record with the FCC, the Nokia Lumia 929 is only slightly bigger than the Lumia 625, which would put it at around 5 inches. That would suggest it’s more than just a spinoff of the Lumia 1520 made for one mobile network, and hints that we might see it here in Blighty.

There aren’t really any more details to go on. There are plenty of tiles on the home screen, so it looks like that display should be fairly big. And it seems we’re looking at the GDR3 version of the Windows Phone OS.

This would suggest that the phone will run on the Snapdragon 600 or 800 SoC (quad-core processor), almost certainly making it a member of Nokia’s new Windows Phone hardware family (i.e. a step on from the current hardware family used in the Lumia 820 / 920 / 925 / 928 / 1020).

Nokia Lumia 929

A new render (left) for Verizon’s Nokia Lumia 929, a large screened Windows Phone, has leaked matching an earlier photo (right).

Nokia Lumia 929 HTC Butterfly 2

The render shows the phone in black although a white version will also be forthcoming. In fact, the white one matches an earlier photo, also seen above. That photo was leaked out of China showing a white Verizon device. A similar device also recently passed through the FCC, hinting that this release is close.

Although an exact launch date for the device remains elusive, Nokia sent out invitations for a press event on October 22nd. If the Nokia Lumia 929 is on the way, Nokia could use the event to formally announce the Lumia 929 along with the Nokia 1520 – a Windows Phone with a large 1080p display that is on its way to AT&T exclusively.

Are you excited about new Nokia Lumia 929 ? Is the Microsoft deal good for the Finnish company? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook page.

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