PHC hacked TATA Motors website and warned them !

The Official website of TATA Motors India has just been hacked. Tata Group is an Indian multinational conglomerate company headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. 

Pakistan Haxors Crew been hard on India once again, this time targeted well know TATA Motors website.

Although site on the front end appears normal but Trojan detected, meanwhile the URL given below along with screenshot shows that PHC fellas just blown it off.

Site Hacked URL :

Tata Motors

Pakistan Haxors Crew left the note on the site Tata Motors

Haxor Hasnain ( PHC ) claimed this hacking, while he mentioned that INDIA be Ready I am coming…  now that certainly don’t mean that he’s visiting India or going there but will be damaging Indian Cyber Space.

PHC clearly stated that, this is to remind of your security, which means TATA Motors website wasn’t secure enough.

I am sure TATA Officials will get angry on their webmaster and IT department after this but SAD but True, PHC nailed the site.

Pakistan Haxors Crew warned about the consequences ( will follow ) ahead.

Recent Site Defacing after Muhammad Bilal made Modi give up on the web , everyday defacing one or the other site, this one stands the most recent attack by the Pakistan Hackers.

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