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Qmobile A2 ( t.v output )

As Qmobile noir A2 users know that it has a very unique feature in it i.e  T.v output option , its unique because its very hard to find such a feature in budget phones.

My todays post is about How to watch live tv on A2 and how to connect A2 to T.v sets.

Live streaming requires adobe flash player which is not installed in noir A2 by default, so firstly you need to install adobe flash player , u can download it from here i have pasted the link below.

secondly, you can either watch live T.v on your cell phone browser or just download an app. from Google play store  .

Now come to main point of this post, how to attach Qmobile noir A2 to your T.v sets. For this you need a A.V connector pin . the connector includes three output leads (red,yellow & white) and a 3.5mm lead.


here are the settings for T.v output > Display > TV OUT > TV OUT (Check ) ( NTSC / PAL ).

For those who have old T.v sets that doesn’t have yellow, red and white ports they need T.v magic box device. That device will be attached to your T.v sets and your Qmobile A2 will be attached with that magic box device.

download adobe flash player from here :

you can also watch T.v without flash player if the android logo is shown in streaming area like this :


live tv link

play store links

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Post By : Mohammad Asad

INCPak , Tech Talk Writer .

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  1. in Qmobile A2 i have not tv output option in display settuing.
    plz help

  2. Brother Asad, i knew about it before your post and i already tried myself. i also search about it and asked about it on XDA developer forum but no success 🙁 however, i have not much experience in such things but what i have experienced should share with you get to correct my knowledge.

    When i connected my A2 with tv i hard to success. means sometimes i found the volume/voice output correct and sometimes i found fluctuated/vibrating video with pitch of beep. Not a single time i could found both correct in same time. I also like to mention here that the both situations occured when all three points connected in the same slots of TV (i.e. yellow in yellow, white in white & red in red) sounds too much confussion.

    Please correct me if i made a mistake somewhere around 🙂

    • He'll surely contact you or you catch him on Sharing is Caring Facebook page he's moderator there leave this query there you will get multiple views .