Qmobile A900 Root Method And Custom Recovery

Qmobile A900 root method with detailed instructions and custom recovery is now available to you by INCPAK. Qmobile Noir A900 Rooted Successfully by INCPAK member Muhammad Bilal.

Also a great big news is that INCPAK has made custom ROMs for Noir A900 too, which we will be sharing in our upcoming posts really soon so keep connected with INCPAK.

Root Method:

The root script for MTK6589 is used using the method provided by http://droidchina.com in their post.


  1. Download and Install the USB drivers first for your Noir A20 using PDANET drivers provided below.

  2. Enable USB debugging in your phone from Settings > Developer Options.
  3. Download the Auto root script from here and extract it in a folder on your PC.  http://d-h.st/hPw
  4. Connect your phone through USB cable.
  5. Browse to the folder where you extracted the Auto root script and run the “RUN.BAT” file.
  6. Press any key to continue
  7. Wait for process to finish and press any key again
  8. Your phone will reboot automatically and after it reboots you will have a Rooted Qmobile Noir A900 🙂

CWMR Recovery:


  1. Download and install MTK Mobile Uncle Tools from the playstore.
  2. Download recovery image from here and extract it on your PC.
    Old CWMR A900: http://d-h.st/Sle

    New CWMR A900: http://d-h.st/gcw
  3. Old is for the old phones of Noir A900 and new is for the newer phones as the newer phones doesnot support the old cwmr. (Dont ask why)
  4. Rename “A900_cwmr_6.0.28_INCPAK.img” file to “recovery.img”.
  5. Copy the recovery.img file into your phone’s SD card.
  6. Run Mobile Uncle Tools and select recovery update option.
  7. Select recovery.img from your SD card and your phone will be updated with a new recovery.

Method is tested so dont worry it wont brick your phone.

Next we will update you people with latest Jellybean 4.2.1 custom ROMs for A900 so keep connected with us because it will be unveiled soon too 🙂


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