Qmobile Customer Service accessories OUT OF STOCK

My Qmobile Noir A8 having battery issue so I went to Qmobile customer Service center in Sadar Market Karachi to get the new one.

There are alternate batteries available in the market as well, Unbranded China made and they are cheaper as compared to Q Original battery which is Rs 800 /- anyways I went there and asked them about the battery they said Q accessories are out of stock, kindly contact us after a week.

This was right after the Eid, well last Wednesday I was in the mobile Market Sadar, So I went again and asked them about the battery same thing I heard, Kindly contact us after a week, we are out of Stock.

Q Phones are good but this Out of Stock scene is totally pathetic, any person who’s coming from any other city or town to Q Customer Service would prefer to sell off his phone in the market.

Angery Me

QMobile Customer Service

qmobile customer service

I call it Q Hospital because there ain’t no difference in Q Hospital and Government Hospital in both place you suffer the same.

Q fellas aren’t maintaining the standard, the first impression from Qmobile Customer Service Center feel like I am in 90’s Stock Exchange o.O  or it’s railway reservation office Eid Time Booking is off.

I am sure many out there facing this issue of accsories specially the battery, I wouldn’t suggest you to go for unbranded one since none are tested and Still I am waiting for Q fellas to give a green signal that finally the stock is available so I can go and get the battery but seriously I never faced trauma before when you pay for it.

Let me know how many of you are facing battery issue and been through this miserable situation which twice I have gone through and still yet again waiting till Q stock gets available.

Wondering if Q fellas are like this what would be the situation of Voice , VGO  and Gfive ?

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