Qmobile lied about the upgrade Noir A8

If you own a Noir A8 and waiting on the Jellybean update from QMobile as promised by them, then there’s a really bad news for your I’m afraid it will never roll out. I have contacted the original manufacturer of A8 (Gionee) and he plainly says, “It’s not up-gradable” Faree has also been told the same by his sources.

QMobile cheated its customers with the false promise.

—Aleem Ashraf — Admin Sharing Is Caring Facebook Page Remarks.

When Qmobile launched this phone as the first upgradable phone in the Q History, Including myself and others over my blog / this site and Sharing is Caring Facebook Page where we discussed had the hope, but with time as I was having chit chat with the experts Bazoooka one, said only way is to Flash up the phone ICS operating System and Install Custom OS  Jelly Bean there is no possibility that Q will ever going to provide any upgrade for it. Now let me clear with you that no doubt Noir A8 been one of the successful phone by Q Fellas but recently Battery issue which I define as the 3rd Batch of the Phone ” Imported ” has serious issue with Battery Timing which isn’t like 1st nor 2rd after shortage it returned in Market. There is a serious issue with the Battery so I wouldn’t suggest my Blog followers / visitors and INCPak site to get this phone BRAND NEW.

Upgrade to Jelly Bean is not possible for normal Android user, for this I have made contact and so far no response from Q Fellas about it but experts says ” No Way ” This is how Q Cheated all.

I need to know Programers and those who know how to flash the OS completely than I will write in detail about it, but for now this is very disappointing that Q’s Strategy was based on the Lie with the customer, though the phone is Rootable easily and Custom Rom’s are available but moving from 4.0 to 4.1 JB OS is still a big Question? which officially they won’t resolve.

Recently A10 has been upgraded by the users not officially by Q, to Jelly Bean and that phone has the Upgrade option unlike Noir A8 which does not even has option visible.

Let me know with your expert opinion and share your views here and on Sharing is caring Facebook Page.

Farhan Imaan

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  1. A8 main skype aur viber per out going voice chat o rahi hai ?? i mean awaz ja rahi hai ?? mery nahi ja rahi

  2. Im not surprised as they dont even know about the hardware properly so cant expect them to redesign and release a new software for a hardware they dont even know :p but to anyone who has this phone dont worry you can get the update its the exact same phone as FLY IQ441 Radiance and it is going to recieve Jelly Bean update in march. It will just a matter of flashing its rom on A8 for those who are willing to do :)

      1. Yes, its just helluva bullshit………!
        Nothing more, currently I am running custom rom on A8 by Usman Saadi, but it needs much more work!

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