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QMobile + LINQ = WTF !!!!

QMobile is about to launch its new smartphone brand with the name of LINQ in Pakistan and to start-off the things, company has signed Priyanka Chopra to endorse its new range of LINQ smartphones.  Already Qmobile Smartphones ” Android Smartphones “ are trending in Pakistan at it’s peak, while LINQ will be focusing on 4G LTE – recently launched by Warid Telecom and ZONG China Mobile.

Last December 2014 – Pro Pakistani website reported about the launch which was expected on Sunday, 3rd January 2015.

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QMobile LINQ X70

” Unofficial reports suggest that company will launch three smartphones with starting price-tag of Rs. 12,000 that will go up to Rs. 30,000 for high-end device.

We assume that LINQ smartphones will try to contend power hungry smartphone users, who were otherwise not willing to embrace QMobile.

Despite having over 50% market share in Pakistani handset market, and having Z4 and Z3 on the offering, QMobile has struggled to establish its footing in mid-to-high-end market.

LINQ smartphones is clearly an effort to change this.

With Priyanka Chopra onboard, LINQ smartphones are expected to gain popularity among the young who prefer high-end gadgets at a price that is affordable.

LINQ is likely to be launched this Sunday. ”  – PROPAKISTANI 

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There’s a  sense of confusion among the smartphone users, why Qmobile is coming up with another brand name in the same market?

Certainly it is confusing for me as well, Mobile Market fellas in Karachi are hardly aware of this pre-planned SETUP by Qmobile, The company which has already exists in the market with various Android Smartphones, why making another idol  that’s 1 rupee question…  o_O

LINQ Smartphones are going to be under 12,000 to 30,000 ( Mid Range Ballistic Smartphones ) while already almost 80% Qmobile Smartphones are in this range.

LINQ smartphones will reportedly come up with improved operating system, more Random Access Memory (RAM), extended storage, and 3G network support capabilities.

LINQ focusing on enhancing Internet speed ( 4G LTE ) and RAM yet we are not confirmed but, talking to Qmobile fella we got to know that  LINQ might come up with 3 different smartphones, all will be 3G and and 1 of them gonna be 4G LTE, Not knowing the genetic relation of these smarties, like we’ve been informing you since 2012, are they gonna be MTK processor or Qualcomm?  ##%^$&^%$^*@  My question is WHY??????

What I think Qmobile has already launched too many Smartphones of the same specifications and filled the price range from 7k to 32k, there’s no gap to fit these phones else there existing phones which they have imported with no return ticket going to get wasted.

2ndly, Qmobile been importing cheapest junk from china which chinese must have thrown in the waste, Thanks to Media for advertising and giving boost to low life smartphones launched by Qmobile in 2014 – apart from ( Qmobile Noir Z5 , Qmobile Noir A900 , Qmobile Noir A600 , Qmobile Noir i9 and Qmobile Noir NOTHING )

In my view – Qmobile lost the ground in 2014, The rivals in Technology launched almost alike specs phones, companies as follow ” oppo , Gright , Voice and Huawei .. ” They came up with good stuff in 2014 and Qmobile has no slot left to fill in the grave they have dug for the users to expect good in that range.

what will happen LINQ, standing with same prices on another platform going to confuse more users, so you will have multiple choice either to waste your money on Qmobile or LINQ eventually it goes in the same pocket.

I know I sound little bit Anti-Qmobile, because they are good at manipulating minds. seriously….

ON THE TOP LINQ  pops up with Former ( FARMER ) Miss World from India – I wonder why Qmobile fellas are too obsessed with Indian Celebrities, can’t they afford Hollywood give more space to Pakistani Celebrities. they been degrading Pakistani Talent and selling the junk with Miss Head & Shoulder lately and the other one with weirdiest butts I’ve ever seen ( Qmobile Noir Z6  Commercial ) .

Now It’s time for Priyanka Chopra to be seen on the billboards across Pakistan …


Just one last thing, Imagine  Meera in Qmobile or LINQ’s  commercial. :D  hahahahaha….  I NOIR , DO YOU??????




  1. Muzammil Khowaja

    May 19, 2015 at 4:11 am

    SIr Is Mobile Ka cyanogenmod 12 kab aey ga?

  2. Taimoor Shaikh

    Jan 5, 2015 at 2:07 am

    Lets see what happens :) the last line is quite funny :D :D :D Meera saying i noir, do you ??? :D

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