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Qmobile Noir A12 PRICE 22,500/- WTF

The Most disappointing thing about all three models launched by Qmobile is they have 512 MB which is totally insufficient for 2013 phones. I was shocked to see the Price Tag 22,500/- WTF is wrong with Q Fellas I seriously have no idea why the Price is so high. 

Well Personally I have not reviewed any of 3 phones but the Members on Sharing Is Caring got A9 and said DONT BUY ! Now This One look at the price i mean come on use your common sense add some extra and get Branded that would be my honest suggestion Xperia , HTC and Samsung all way better than buying this phone at this cost it’s totally useless.


Rest the decision is yours, Branded is Branded and when we are talking about 22,500/- That’s way too high for these specs at this cost specially Q NO WAY .

A12 SpecsA12Let me remind all those who been expecting my review I am not active on Phones at all so Thanks to Asad and Aleem Ashraf who been constantly helping out Others on Sharing Is Caring and updating with loads of Information, I Need a break after viewing the Price Tag, infact I shared it on Sharing Is Caring from Dr.Technology with only Words WTF ……..

Are you really willing to Waste your money buying this  *Sigh*

Join up on Sharing Is Caring , Leave your comments here I review personally ! let me know what to do think about 2 2  5 0 0 / – Non Sense By Q .


Farhan Imaan



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