QMobile Noir A20 4.2.1 Update ROM Download and Screenshots

INCPak is now proud to present A20 4.2.1 Jelly Bean Update for the device which comes pre-loaded with Android 4.1.2. As the Q-Owners promised to provide an update for QMobile Noir A900, we’ve also managed to provide an update for QMobile Noir A20. It has always been one of the TOP Priorities of INCPak to provide you guys with “quality” ROMs and tech stuff. This time, we are proud to say that we have done it too.

This update for A20 resembles with the stock ROM of QMobile Noir A900. Although, it is not an Official update from QMobile (which they are NOT going to provide for A20), but it is pretty much close and accurate. This Update is only for OLD batch A20 Users, and it can only be put through Custom Recovery. Lots of Chinese Bloatware has been removed from this update and it is Un-Rooted ROM.

Scroll Down below to check out screenshots and Download Links for A20 4.2.1 Update. You’ll also find A20 4.2.1 Update Installation procedure step-by-step explained below. Following are the brief features of the update.


  • Light-weight
  • Blazing Fast
  • Better RAM Management
  • Good Battery Backup
  • Moderate Gaming
  • Removed Bloatware
  • Removed Chinese Apps
  • Removed Chinese Folders from SD-Card
  • New modified UI
  • Un-rooted


A20 4.2.1 A20 4.2.1 device-2014-04-27-094347 device-2014-04-27-094443 device-2014-04-27-094517 device-2014-04-27-092543 device-2014-04-27-092614 device-2014-04-27-092623 device-2014-04-27-092636 device-2014-04-27-092658 device-2014-04-27-092741 device-2014-04-27-092802 device-2014-04-27-092908 device-2014-04-27-092948 device-2014-04-27-093113 device-2014-04-27-093217 device-2014-04-27-093311 device-2014-04-27-093509 device-2014-04-27-093714 device-2014-04-27-093723 device-2014-04-27-093731 device-2014-04-27-093742 device-2014-04-27-093751 device-2014-04-27-093809 device-2014-04-27-093826 device-2014-04-27-093834 device-2014-04-27-093852 device-2014-04-27-093916 device-2014-04-27-094012 device-2014-04-27-094052 device-2014-04-27-094112 device-2014-04-27-094216 device-2014-04-27-094238 device-2014-04-27-094248


download-icon Google Drive Link

Installation Method:

Please make a nandroid backup of your device first. INCPak Team will not be responsible for any damage to your device while installing this ROM.

1. You will need a Rooted OLD Noir A20 with a Custom Recovery Installed (Either TWRP or CWM). We will be using TWRP

2. Copy the downloaded file on your SD-CARD.

3. Power off your phone.

4. Turn your phone on in recovery mode (by pressing VOLUME UP + POWER buttons).

5. Select Wipe and then Wipe these in order.


Dalvik Cache

Factory Reset


Android Secure

6. Go back to Main Menu

7. Select Install and choose the downloaded ROM to be installed.

8. Let it take its time.

9. After installation Click Reboot System. 

10. The phone will reboot into A20 4.2.1 Updated ROM.

11. This Update is not rooted. To root this ROM, download FramaRoot.apk from download-iconhere and Install it. After Installation Open the app and select Install SuperSU and then Select any one of the options. i.e., Boromir, Faramir or Barahir and then Reboot. Your device is now rooted.

By installing this ROM, you agree to INCPak Logo terms and conditions. Again, This ROM is for OLD Batch A20’s.


-Ali Jee (Android Developer & Tech Talks Member of INCPak)

-Farhan Imaan (CEO & Owner of INCPak)

-INCPak Team
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