Yes you heard me correct, QMobile Noir A8 has 1 GB Internal Memory for the apps but how about using the phone memory as well is 1.93 GB , the greater volume of space you get as many apps you can download ! Sounds interesting.

Here’s the screen shot ! Actually there’s not much to do here its all Tricky, currently this option isn’t available in Noir A9 so obviously Noir A8 Takes the lead in Internal Storage !


Setting > Storage you will see the above shown screen, this is where it’s little tricky you see Preferred Storage Location click there and you will see these options

NOTE :  Noir A8 been tested  and works fine Same procedure works on A9,A10,A11 and A12 but try it at your own risk, it is not a built in function in a8.It suppots all mt65xx device. which includes A9,A10,A11,A12 as well.

Mobeen Riaz – Instructed :o)

( Figure 2 )  Below

Storage2Now you choose Phone Memory that’s where you get the 1.93 GB Storage ! Yes Noir A8 Rocks ….

This Feature isn’t existing in Noir A9 so yet we are trying to figure out, but see the image  below you will see

( figure 3 )

Mobeen Riaz who’s using it ! Storage_final

Increased my A8’s application assigned internal storage from 1gb to 2.4gb ! Interesting Isn’t it

Method Taken from Xda to make it Easier for you all !  Courtesy mentioned.


1. All your data will get wiped so backup your ROM
2. Remove your external sdcard so that it remains safe
3. This app will make use of 2GB storage space which is usually never used by an average user.
4. Understand the structure of Noir A8 Memory
4.1 Internal Memory
This is where all your apps get installed by default and after installing too many apps you start to get a notification of “internal memory low”. A8 has approximately 1GB of internal memory.
4.2 Internal Storage
This is the 2GB extra storage space that A8 has got by default. Usually users don’t use this space because they store their data on external sdcard.
4.3 External Storage
This is the external storage which can be calimed by inserting a sdcard into the slot.


1. Download the file from here and place it on your internal storage (Remember that you have removed your sdcard so you can’t place this file in your sdcard)
2. Install the app and run it and select 2.5GB from the list and select “Dong y” and then “Dong” and then “reboot recovery” and then “Dong”
3. In the recovery select wipe data / factory reset
4. Reboot your phone and enjoy 2.5GB of internal phone memory


Method Post Taken from Xda POST

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Farhan Imaan



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