Recently posted the formula how to extend your internal app storage for Noir A8 but this time Qmobile Noir A9 experiment worked ! Thanks to Zuhaib Jiwani for sharing the screen shots and also this news same formula works on Noir A9 as well !

well here are the screen shots of  Qmobile Noir A9





CLICK here for the Procedure 

for the method you can click here on the previous A8 post which got the method and required APK now after knowing that this formula worked fine on A9 now I am curious about A6 ! need to know those who got A6 and 500 something MB internal app memory I think same procedure must work or we’ll digg and drill like always !

I was shocked to know Noir A9 doesn’t have built in feature of File Manager  ( Wifi Connectivity ) like Noir A8 which makes everything easy =S  , Yes that’s exactly I was when Zuhaib told me it doesn’t have the built in File Manager like Noir A8 .




It’s the most useful option because ever since I bought the phone I never connected via USB cable since I am using WiFi connectivity its easy as ABC to connect very strange to know that this feature is missing in Noir A9 but you can always avail it by download APK ! by default  this doesn’t exist !

Well Congrats to all Noir A9 users another victory for you guys hope your gonna keep sharing and caring about others, INCPak ( Tech Talks ) constantly posting up features and what so ever we could find from various sites and our own expedition.

Keep Sharing and Stay Blessed


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