Self Driving car by Google – Robo Taxi

Google is intending to design and develop its own self driving cars after being brushed off by the major car companies, according to reports.

By now, most everyone has heard about driverless cars-Google has been running several of them for years now, all without a single accident. But will the day come when all cars drive themselves ?

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Google is working on its own self driving, production-ready car and could initially deploy the autonomous vehicles as a “ Robot Taxi” service, insiders claims, with the search giant supposedly exploring how it could use its R&D into car-AI itself rather than license it to existing manufacturers. company has been negotiating with contract manufacturers around building an autonomous Google car, former WSJ reporter Amir Efrati claims, after supposedly getting the cold shoulder from established brands.

According to people familiar with Google’s negotiations, the company approached some of the big car brands to discuss potentially commercializing the autonomous driving technology it has been working on for some years. However, the response was supposedly underwhelming, with no deal forthcoming.

Undeterred, Google is exploring ways it could go it alone in self-driving car technology, so the insiders claim. So far, the company is said to have talked to companies such as Continental AG and Magna International – who supply many of the components the big brands use in their ranges – about the possibility of producing a car of Google’s own design.

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Questions States Need to Ask About Self Driving Cars

1. Will drivers need any sort of training?

2. Is it possible to speed?

3. Is distracted driving allowed?

4. Who’s liable for accidents?

5. What kind of registration would the vehicle have?

6. How to transition from manual to auto-pilot?

Google has been noodling around with self driving cars for a few years now. But it has only added the technology to existing cars. Now, it’s at least experimenting with building its own vehicle.

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