viper4android Best Configuration – Step By Step Guide

Viper4Android Best configuration Ever – After playing for some time with this App “  viper4android ” I was able to configure it to its best. Here I am sharing my experience and setting for you guys. Hope you find it usefull

Note : first make sure your phone is rooted.


Here we go ..

Go to the official site for viper4android i.e and download the latest stable release and install it.
Open it and it will say that the driver needs to be installed – click on “Yes” to install the driver.


It will ask in which mode you want to install it – Super audio quality, High quality or power saving choos “power saving”


This is where a Superuser popup will show up on rooted devices. You _must_ grant Root else the installation will fail !!

If everything went well you will see that a popup again telling that the driver was installed asking for a reboot.
Do that.


Open up Viper4Android FX and go into Menu (upper right three dots) then UI Setting


And choose “Expert


Afterwards set the following settings :
Master Power –
Enable – ON
Firequalizer (not mandatory but I like to tweak lows and highs) –
Enable – ON, my personal preset – Rock


Speaker Optimization — not mandatory — it will tweak lows mids and highs to offer a “richer” sound…
Enable — ON
And now the important part of settings :
Extra Loud –
Enable = ON
Select Effect Strenght
Max Gain
Max Output
0 dB
Master Gate (Limiter) :
Output Gain –
6.0 dB
Limit Threshold
0 dB


Restart your android cell , congratulation .. your viper4andrioid is configured to its best settings. You can also try different setting to find which settings suites your need.

The EASY Way ::::
If you find all the above steps difficult , then download .zip preset profile from below location . extract it to your SDcard as shown below ..

Download Effect Profile :


Start viper4andrioid click setting , click load effect profile and select “choice” apply and resetart your cell .


Your are done .. Enjoy the new superb sound quality ….

Remember me your prayers.

Aasghar Ali .

Post Credits :- Asghar Ali Khan ( INCPak Team Member )


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