Afghanistan to launch 4G , Taliban will avail the technology .

4G in Afghanistan – The officials further said that around 90 percent of the Afghans are currently having access to mobile phone services while 50 percent have access to internet, Afghan News Agency Khaama Press reported.

Amirzai Sangin, Telecommunication and Information Technology Minister of Afghanistan said that the government’s revenue from telecommunication has been around $1.3 billion during the past ten years.

Sangin further added that around 140,000 people have been employed in telecommunication sector across the country.

Development in telecommunication sector to be one of the main achievements of the Afghan government during the past ten years which has facilitated the Afghan people to have access to certain modern services.

The Afghan people are now able to have direct access to the banking system and can even purchase airline tickets through their mobile phones.

Source AP 

Now after reading this news, where the percentage are mentioned by Information Ministry 90 Percentage Mobile phone users and 50 Percent Internet users , that shows overall PEACE in the Region how did they fixed the towers and managing them even in the conflict provinces ? that’s my question .

By handing over mobile phones and 4G will it help resolving issues or Taliban will be powered with 4G  uploading on Youtube directly ….  Isn’t it like giving access in wrong hands?

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