Reverify Your SIMs, Deadline 14th April 2015

A final decision has been made where all stakeholders, cellular companies, Interior Ministry, Ministry of IT and Telecom and Pakistan Telecommunication Authority have agreed to re-verify SIMs with biometric verification system with-in next 90 days and block all unverified SIMs after the deadline is met, we have confirmed with sources.

Mobilink Already started sending SMS to their customers to visit the Mobilink Customer Center or Franchise to get their SIM verified, however other networks hasn’t started SMS Alerts.

Now, after a series of meetings, deliberations and a lot of push from Interior Ministry, the decision has been made that telcos will have to re-verify their 103 million subscribers in exactly 90 days, a Pakistan Telecommunication Authority spokesperson confirmed with ProPakistani.

Telcos will have to re-verify their subscribers with biometric verification system in exactly 90 days.

After the deadline, remaining un-verified numbers will be blocked, the official added.

The process for re-verification of SIMs is started from Monday, i.e. January 12th, 2015.

Telcos had estimated that some 40% of all active SIMs might get blocked after the re-verification exercise is completed, however, that was for 11 months’ deadline. With the deadline squeezed to just 90 days now, the number if SIMs that will get blocked due to non-verification may be significantly higher.

Phase 1 For Reverification of SIMs

First phase will start from January 12th, 2015 till February 26th, 2015.

During this time, following SIMs will be verified:

  • Subscribers in Karachi, Peshawar, DI Khan, DG Khan Cities, Border Areas (FATA) & Balochistan Province
  • Subscribers in Rest of Pakistan who have more than three SIMs per CNIC

SIMs to be Blocked after First Phase: On February 27th, all un-verified SIMs from above list will be blocked.

Phase 2 For Reverification of SIMs

Starting Feb 27th, 2015, following customers will be re-verified:

  • Customers across Pakistan with two or less SIMs per CNIC per operator

SIMs to be Blocked after Second Phase: On April 14th, all un-verified SIMs will be blocked.

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