Students / Parents protest over blatant charging additional Security charges

ISLAMABAD: Students and their parents have voiced strong protest over blatant charging of additional fee at the rate of Rs 1,190 per month in the name of security charges in federal capital despite strongly worded directives and warning from ministry of CADD. Providing security to the students is the sole responsibility of management of every private educational institution but they have started grabbing inflated charges from children and pocketing them under the garb of security fee.

Ministry of CADD and Private Education Institution Regulatory Authority (PIRA) had warned private educational institutions against the collection of additional charges from students in the name of security otherwise they would be penalized heavily. Private schools’ management is bent upon flouting these orders and is all poised to shift the burden of security fee to the parents of students while they are already saddled under the exorbitantly ever swelling fees being extorted by the private schools in their lucrative business they are transacting under the guise of education.

It is height of infringement on the directives that the schools administration has not allowed the ink of directives issued by the authorities for non charging of security fee dry up and started minting money with annexing Rs 1190 to the tuition fee for the month of March.

The parents of students have appealed to minister for CADD and secretary CADD to take stern action against the educational institutions, which have made mockery of sacred profession of education with turning it into profit incurring entity, and ensure return of security fee being received from their children.

پاکستان میں اسکول اور کالجز کو صرف بہانہ چاہیے جو كے ان کو مل گیا سکیورٹی كے نام پہ . طالبان پروف اسکول بنانے کی کوشش جاری ہے . یہ کام حکومت کا ہے پر لگتا ہے كے اب یہ بوج عوام كے اپر ہمیشہ كے لیے ڈال دیا گیا ہے

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