Why Hyundai Elantra can’t compete with Corolla Altis X & Honda Civic X

There are so many factors why newly launched Hyundai Elantra in Pakistan cannot compete with Toyota Corolla Altis X Grande and Honda Civic X. In this article, we will share some of the reasons why the new entrant in the sedan category will face a tough competition in the local automotive industry.

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Why Hyundai Elantra can’t compete with Corolla Altis X & Honda Civic X?

We have already done a detailed comparison of t he Hyundai Elantra and the Toyota Corolla Altis X Grande in another post. In that comparison, we have discussed the main features and specification of both sedan cars to help users make a better decision when purchasing one of the two options.

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Why Hyundai Elantra can’t compete with Corolla Altis X Grande and Honda Civic X?

Outdated shape of Hyundai Elantra

The all new Hyundai Elantra in Pakistan is the older and last generation model and there are several changes introduced in the newer generation, including a more futuristic shape and design. The newer model of the Hyundai Elantra is already being sold in other countries, however, it appears Hyundai marketing team deliberately launched the older model since people are not aware of the newer one but the fact is that all potential buyers have internet access in Pakistan and even a five-year-old kid can search ‘Hyundai Elantra 2021’ on Google and come up with details regarding the new generation of the sedan. This is one of the factors that Hyundai Elantra won’t be able to compete with next generation Toyota Corolla Altis X Grade which is expected in mid-2022.

Overpriced Elantra

There was no need to create hype for an outdated model with the price tag of the latest one, just because of wireless charger does not justify that car really worth to be the most expensive sedan in Pakistan. Not to forget that adding s 2000cc which boosts the import cost and annual token tax compared to the rivals Honda Civic X and Toyota Corolla Altis X Grande.

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If the company was going to introduce the older Hyundai Elantra in Pakistan, they could have launched the sedan at lower price compared to the competition as this would have helped them gain traction and some people would have preferred going for a different make and model because of limited options available in the local automotive sector.

An example is the newly launched Changan Alsvin which goes against the Honda City and Toyota Yaris. The sedan not only offers more features but a significantly reduced price tag as well. The vehicle has seen a huge booking since its launch which shows that people are ready to bay something different but it should be priced accordingly.

Outdated Interior of Elantra

Usually Hyundai fellas are famous for making the most futuristic appealing exteriors and interior designs but the so called new Elantra in Pakistan got the feel of a decade old sedan with nothing special comparing with Honda Civic X’s interior which is far more futuristic and well designed.

After Sales Service

Spare parts availability is the major factor why Elantra won’t survive the harsh mentality of Pakistanis, The reason why Big Three (Honda, Toyota and Suzuki) rule the roads of Pakistan is because of the spare parts availability almost in every corner of the country and mechanics under the chemistry of the engine, suspension and electronics which includes EFi, CVT gearbox and ECU (Engine Control Unit). Let’s suppose you bought Hyundai Elantra and went on a Pakistan tour and somewhere in Bisham city of KP province, your car broke down. Now your options are to call the 3S dealership in Peshawar or Islamabad in order to get the required parts and have them delivered or simply tow your baby to the nearest 3S dealership which will cost you more time and money compared to Honda or Toyota because parts are easily available and mechanics know how to fix the problem.

The moral of the story here is even if the Hyundai fellas launched Elantra 2000cc sedan as the most expensive car in Pakistan in this segment, they better make sure of parts availability everywhere plus the parts prices shouldn’t be more than competitors like Toyota and Honda.

Firstly, Pakistanis need economical vehicle to replace Legendary Suzuki Mehran but even if any company is planning to bring expensive sedan at least it should be the latest model and parts should be available along with a competitive price otherwise, Elantra will end up being the next KIA Spectra in Pakistan.

People complaint about the built quality of Honda Civic X and Toyota Grande Altis X still they buy these vehicles. It is not because of the resale value but because of the parts availably and reliability of engine.

The one who chooses Honda Civic X over Toyota Corolla Altis X Grande is simply because that gentleman wants the futuristic shape with powerful engine latest features and slightly compromise on the suspension durability that is offered with the Toyota Corolla Altis X Grande. Yet I don’t find any reason why anyone would want to go for Elantra knowing the shape is outdated and it won’t last for long specially when you are paying 4 million for it.

Let us know in comments about your thoughts regarding the Hyundai Elantra in Pakistan. Is it really worth the 4 million price tag?

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