Proton Saga CBUs have arrived in Pakistan

The Completely Built Units (CBUs) of the Proton Saga have arrived in Pakistan as the company plans on launching its first sedan in the local automotive sector after repeated delays. The Malaysian automaker has already launched their Proton X70 SUV in the local market and now plan on expanding into the sedan segment.

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Proton Saga CBUs have arrived in Pakistan.

According to the details, the Malaysian car manufacturer will be importing 100 units of their sedan, the Proton Saga in Pakistan as Completely Built Units (CBUs) under the Automotive Development Policy (ADP) 2016-21, which allows for certain exemptions from taxes and duty.

Once the company successfully sells the first 100 imported units, the Proton Saga will be assembled locally in Pakistan as a Completely Knocked Down (CKD), therefore, a delay is to be expected in availability if you’re not among the lucky few purchasing the introductory units.

The Proton Saga was basically introduced as a budget vehicle in 1985 for the Malaysian market. The first iteration of the car was based on the Mitsubishi Lancer but later redesigned by the company.

In Pakistan, the company is reportedly planning on launching three variants of the vehicle which include Standard Manual, Standard Automatic and Premium Automatic, which will be the top of the line version in the country.

The Proton Saga will directly take on Honda City and Toyota Yaris in terms of competition as the vehicle is equipped with a 1.3L engine which we will discuss below.

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Proton Saga Pictures (Imported CBU)

Proton Saga Back | Source: Automotive Pakistan.
Proton Saga Front | Source: Automotive Pakistan.
Proton Saga Steering Wheel | Source: Automotive Pakistan.

Proton Saga Teaser

Additionally, the company also released a teaser for the launch of the new Proton Saga sedan in Pakistan. Check out the video clip below. However, there is no official announcement by the automaker regarding the exact launch date of the vehicle or the unveil event.

Engine and Transmission

Originally, the Proton Saga comes with a 4-cylinder 16 valve DOHC engine with a displacement of 1332cc. However, the company will launched the vehicle with a reduced displacement in Pakistan.

In Pakistan, the vehicle will be equipped with a 1298cc engine under the hood to take advantage of the lower tax bracket and attract more potential customers. The engine will be capable of producing 95hp and 120Nm of torque which is in-line with the competition in this category.

Furthermore, the car will be equipped with two transmission options which include a 5-speed manual and a 4-speed automatic which is said to be sourced from Hyundai and similar to the one found in KIA Picanto.

Dimensions & Weight

Length x Width x Height (mm)4,331 x 1,689 x 1,491
Wheelbase (mm)2,465
Kerb Weight (kg)1,055

Exterior Features:

Interior Features:

Infotainment System:

Safety Features:

The safety features which come standard across all three variants include:

The following features come equipped only with the Premium Automatic Variant:

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