Superglueing Lips : A Foolish New Beauty Trend

Fashion and beauty trends have gotten bizarre and way out of hands. People are superglueing lips and it is a foolish new beauty trend.

Girls are sharing videos superglueing lips on social media.

It all started as a TikTok Challenge. The challenge required people to to superglue their lips. The glue used was eyelash adhesive or nail glue.

The superglueing lips were to make it look fuller and have a perfect pout.

The news portal Dazeddigital has reported the trend was started by the user @chloehammock4. She posted the video of herself performing the stunt.

She is seen putting glue above her cupid’s bow and then gluing up her upper lip. The result of which is seen her lip appears fuller.

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Apparently the supergluing lips are helping people achieve the desired results. It is giving a more plump-lipped look.

The video was shared on twitter with a caption ” imagine you’re talking to someone and your lip falls down by accident ”

Soon after the video of Supergluing Lips was shared on twitter thousands of replying were left on the same thread. And many started sharing their own stunts.

Y’all I tried it ignore the laugh


omg I tried the eyelash glue thing to make your lips bigger and it worked?? N E WAYS this is dumb af stan bts

However, the Supergluing Lips Trick has been objected by many aswell.

“Just read that teens are gluing their upper lip to make them look bigger on @tiktok_us . If they lack intelligence that badly/ maybe apply the glue two both lips and seal them shut..thus preventing further stupidity from spreading”

“Being Black and having full lips is a blessing. literally everybody wants the looks they clowned us for “

Some found humor in it

  • Really thinking bout superglueing my lips shut, nothing good ever comes out of my mouth these days.
  • i find superglueing my lips together & the judicious application of duct tape over the mouth just in case works wonders
  • If I see another couple kiss in the hallway I’m superglueing their lips together
  • I feel like trying to have an intelligent conversation with Kim Kardashian would be similar to superglueing my lip to my forehead
  • Nothing like superglueing your lips AND tongue together.

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