Pak Suzuki offers installment plans for motorbikes with No Markup

Pak Suzuki in a bid to increase sales has come up with a new offer for its customers now offering installment plans for its bikes and that too with no markup.

Pak Suzuki Installment Bikes motorbikes Gixxer GS 150 GR 150
Pak Suzuki Installment Plan for Motorbikes with 0% Markup.

Installment plans are being offered for up to 36 months with 0% markup. Just like the car sector, the bike or motorbike, whatever you want to call it has also seen the same decline in sales because of the huge increase in prices of bikes as well.

Although sales have dropped but nothing like we’ve seen in the four wheel car segment. Here we have compiled a list of the installment plans available under this Pak Suzuki offer.

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Pak Suzuki Installment Plans for bikes / motorbikes:

ModelEnginePriceInstallment PlanDown PaymentInstallmentLast Month Installment
GR 150150 ccRs. 273,00024 monthsRs. 54,600 (20%) / Rs. 81,900 (30%)Rs. 9100 / Rs. 8000Rs. 9100 / Rs. 7100
GD 110S110 ccRs. 172,00024 monthsRs. 34,400 (20%) / Rs. 51,600 (30%)Rs. 5750 / Rs. 5050Rs. 5350 / Rs. 4250
GS 150150 ccRs. 182,00024 monthsRs. 36,400 (20%) / Rs. 54,600 (30%)Rs. 6100 / Rs. 5350Rs. 5300 / Rs.4350
GS 150 SE150 ccRs. 199,00024 monthsRs. 39,800 (20%) / Rs. 59,700 (30%)Rs. 6650 / Rs. 5850Rs. 6250 / Rs. 4750
GIXXER 150SF BLUE150 ccRs. 549,00012 months / 36 monthsRs. 274,000 (50%) / Rs. 109,800 (20%)Rs. 22,900 / Rs. 12,200Rs. 22,600 / Rs. 12,200
GIXXER 150SF Red/Black150 ccRs. 539,00012 months / 36 monthsRs. 269,500 (50%) / Rs. 107,800 (20%)Rs. 22,500 / Rs. 12,000Rs. 22000 / Rs. 11,200

For more information you can always contact an authorized dealer of Pak Suzuki or visit Pak Suzuki website with entire information on their Installment offer.

As for the competition, Yamaha just increased the prices for its bikes by Rs. 7000 to Rs. 8500 for its YBR and YBZ models. You can read about all that in our post below.

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  1. I need GS 150 SE. Do you have any outlet in gilgit city? How can I get one on zero markup installment?? And what is requirements?

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