Pak Suzuki Revised Automobile prices 4th time this year

Pak Suzuki once again increased the prices of Automobile consecutive 4th time this year although US Dollar started to fall against Pakistani Rupee this week.

As Per circular notification issued by the company has sent to the dealerships on 31st July  2018 to be effective from 1st August 2018. 

Revision in Automobile Retail Prices

Pak-Suzuki Surged Automobile prices 4th time this year
Pak Suzuki Revised Automobile Price List ( Courtesy )

The new prices are applicable from 1st August 2018 .  Additionally, the maximum price increase is of worth PKR 30,000. Before this, Pak Suzuki revised the automobile prices in June 2018 from July 1st right after a month once again company surged the prices of cars in Pakistani Market. Expecting Indus Toyota, Al Hajj V2 and Atlas Honda prices might get revised again as well atleast right now currency devaluation is not the case.

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