Toyota Yaris 2020 price and features confirmed

Toyota Yaris 2020 booking has already started Toyota Indus Motor Company (IMC) and price of the car has been confirmed. However the launch event for the car is not confirmed at this point amid the coronavirus outbreak and ban on public gatherings.

Toyota Yaris 2020.

According to Toyota Society Motors and Toyota GT Motor Rawalpindi, booking for the Toyota Yaris has already started and people can visit their nearest dealerships to book the car.

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Toyota Yaris 2020 Price (confirmed):

Toyota Yaris VariantPrice (PKR)WHT (Filer) (PKR)WHT (Non Filer) (PKR)
Yaris GLi M/T 1.3L2,355,00050,000100,000
Yaris GLI CVT 1.3L2,525,00050,000100,000
Yaris ATIV M/T 1.3L2,455,00050,000100,000
Yaris ATIV CVT 1.3L2,605,00050,000100,000
Yaris ATIV X M/T 1.5L2,655,00050,000100,000
Yaris ATIV X CVT 1.5L2,815,00050,000100,000

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The above mentioned prices are the confirmed Toyota Yaris 2020 Prices as of now and confirmed from Toyota Society Motors Karachi.

Toyota Society Motors price list.

Toyota Yaris is being offered by Toyota Indus Motor Company (IMC) in seven different colors which are available for all the variants of the car.

Seven different colors available for the Toyota Yaris 2020.

Toyota Yaris 2020 available colors:

Yaris different colors.

The Yaris 2020 will be going up against the Honda City in both 1.3L and 1.5L variants and will be giving the City a run for its money since there are some very good features being offered with the car.

Toyota Yaris will have different key features depending on the car’s variant. We have also compiled the list of the those features for you.

There are loads of features being introduced in Yaris 2020.

Toyota Yaris GLi Features:

Yaris 2020 has an attractive interior as well as exterior design.

Toyota Yaris ATIV Features:

Toyota Yaris with 15 inch alloy RIMS.

Toyota Yaris ATIV X Features:

Yaris headlamps.

Toyota Yaris 2020 rear lights

Yaris 2020 rear lights.

Toyota Yaris multimedia steering

Yaris comes with a multimedia steering wheel.

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