Mir Mohammad Ali Khan lashes Finance Minister Ishaq Dar on clerical error

Mir Mohammad Ali khan is a Globally recognised Investment Banker, Entrepreneur & Capital Markets Advisor lashes finance minister in his recent video on Facebook Page unlike ever before, usually we’ve seen MirMAK smiling no matter how bad his mood or the situation is but this time was really pissed off on Ishaq Dar’s press conference.

MirMak aka Mir Mohammad Ali Khan said “I am compelled to share few comments about the Ishaq Dar’s press conference, I don’t belong to any political party, My party is Pakistan”

I appreciated this government efforts for last 3 years which is on the record, Tv Interviews, Articles but when I see a person taking this country toward the verge of collapse and the way he’s explaining figures to an ordinary person, who is an engineer, doctor, labour, plumber, electrician – they won’t even understand that what GDP is? what’s internal debt, domestic debt? and what are other things recently the press conference which Ishaq Dar did in that conference the funniest thing is that the world bank’s statement, The figure which provided to them had some clerical errors! Clerical errors? you are the finance minister you haven’t gone through the report that you submitting to the world bank? and when World Bank states that Pakistan’s economy is not going on right track all of a sudden on which you are saying we made a clerical mistake? That’s a criminal offensive mistake, No where in the world in any country there are no room for clerical mistakes when you submit your economical figures.

Mir Mohammad Ali Khan lashes

Finance Minister Ishaq Dar on clerical error

Never seen him angry like this before this video on anyone. He also mentioned that “I resigned from Musharraf’s regime, nobody at the age of 32 would want to do that but I did”.

MirMak is concerned about Pakistan and he doesn’t support dictatorship nor ever wants Army to rule this country however current government is completely manipulating the actual facts and figures, He demanded that the facts should be made public because investors, brokers, youth is confused – Indeed the issue is serious.

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Mr Wiser than the wise guy – truly helping pakistani youth Facebook, Twitter on social media platforms catch him sharing and interacting with his huge fans responding to their queries, spreads awareness.

Pakistan needs sincere politicians otherwise the way our economy is doomed by corrupt politicians taking pakistan to the point of no return. unfortunately Pakistan has fewer well wishers and more enemies with-in and Fake and false claims are being made public while the actual facts remains buried somewhere and an ordinary person has no right to know.

Judiciary knows, Military knows, Ordinary people know even the entire world knows about corruption still nobody is willing to do anything about it.

It’s not less than a miracle that accused and convicted person from a court is still running the show as Finance Minister of Pakistan after damaging it worst than anyone else ever in the history of this country. Next time when you discuss about economical downfall don’t forget “Clerical Error”

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