Alpha Institute and INCPak Joint Sessions on Skype

Keeping in view the suggestions, Alpha Institute of academic success and Independent News Coverage Pakistan will be conducting sessions jointly, It would be for the first time that, Free sessions to promote education are being setup.  There will be Forum added soon on INCPak site for the students to discuss and share with each other and obtain the documents and material.Incpak_slide

Meanwhile, voice session would be carried on Skype Conference for which, all the students willing to join has to send an email to [email protected] with the name, age, qualification, city and skype id,  there is no restrictions as yet.

Once the student has emailed, he/she would be added on Skype by Alpha & INCPak. and they will receive exact time for the next session by respective instructors.

INCPak is focusing on making it easier for all, in which educational programs and Real time online training will be added, by which all would be able to learn by shared screen, voice and text chat, this facility will be only available to all the students, in which they will be given link to view and download the software / app for the Personal Computer and Phones ( Iphone / Android ) via which they’ll be able to join interactively.

Skype discussion will be decided by the Mr.Parwez Bughio who’s the senior coordinator and Mr.Farhan Imaan F.Abro , Founder CEO INCPak.

To Register kindly send an email to [email protected] , once your information verified you will be informed via email about the details.

INCPak Podcast service soon will be added for all to hear the discussion and the informative materials. The most easiest way to hear anytime from anywhere accessible from PC / Phone and Live Interaction Online Radio which has been tested already will also help students / listeners to gain information as well as Interact live.

Kindly send your suggestions to [email protected] with the subject title : Suggestion

Thank you.


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