Book Bank – Donate to Eliminate illiteracy

Education is a fundamental right of every child, it is the most basic and important thing which unfortunately being ignored in Pakistan became it is a wealthy business when turned into privatization making it impossible for an ordinary child to step in the world of knowledge.

You and your children may not have suffered from this because you are well educated to read what’s written and are able to understand, but have you ever thought how does it feel when all these words in front when looks like mathematical equation?

Literacy rate in Pakistan is not climbing high but falling because among the mass population of over 200 million only 15% to 20% can read, write and speak.

This is where INCPak ( Incorporated Pakistan ) initiates Perfect Pakistan, a website dedicated to educational reform to promote education.

There are 1000s of ghost schools in Pakistan and when we talk about the government, I wonder which hell they will go into. The corruption in education department sets highest records specially  in rural areas where the appointed teachers can’t even read and write,What would they teach to the children?

Keeping all in front where our hearts melt to see children willing to study but the parents cannot afford and our hearts burn when we see the educational budget is being swallowed into bottomless bellies  of corrupt heads of the department from the ministers till peons.

We as an ordinary people with only faith in Allah and promise for change by trying our best to deliver, appealing all to support our cause to eliminate illiteracy.

Book BankPerfect Pakistan is our vision to support the students  who cannot afford to buy expensive books, they are expensive but if we join hands together to share a book, just imagine the book bank concept, which was  merely an idea of  INCPak team members has the potential to change and revolutionize this education cause.

Donate your book which aren’t in use anymore, pass on to someone who needs them? or  donate just one book it’s not hard on anyone’s pocket, even by donating  books which aren’t in use, would be helpful for those who needs them. Imagine the lives we can change together by donating just one book, one pen and one pencil.

We are considering your participation to witness the rapid change in our society not just in specific region but Perfect Pakistan’s vision is to promote and support education all across Pakistan.

Don’t set the parameters on this cause, trust me together we make a difference only if we do a little as much as possible, Allah has blessed us with knowledge it’s time to spread and deliver support  to the next generations.

Share your ideas, your views there are millions of ways to change the society only if we hold our hands together. Lets make a chain of helping hands to revolutionize our nation. Help the bleeding hearts.

visit and sign up  be part of the change,  we’ll be updating information on the website and share this post because it’s noble cause !!

 Donate to Eliminate illiteracy 

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