How to Convert Old Hard Drive Into Portable Hard Drive

Do you have an old hard drive from your PC/laptop that you dont normally use? If yes then there is a good news that you can convert that drive into a portable hard drive following a few simple steps and buying necessary package for it just under 1000 RS.

1: Analyzing your old hard drive

Open up your desktop computer’s case or if you possess a laptop/notebook then turn it upside down and remove the panel covering the hard drive. Now check what kind of cable the hard disk is connected to, if the cable is a long one like the one showed in upper image then its an IDE drive ,and if the cable is a small one like the one showed in lower image then its a SATA drive.

2: Buying the converter package

Now that you have identified your type of hard drive you can now go to the market and buy either an IDE/SATA external enclosure for your respected drive. It may cost you upto 1000 RS and be sure to buy the right one either for the desktop/laptop as the size of both differs. Usually 3.5 inch is for the desktop PC and the 2.5 inch is for laptop.

portable hard drive

3: Removing your hard drive

Now unscrew your hard drive from your computer and take it out.

4: Take apart the portable hard drive enclosure

The enclosure consists of two main parts: A long rectangular box and a detachable connector on one end. It will also come with a power supply and a USB cable that plugs between the box and your computer’s USB port. Plus, you’ll find a few screws for holding the drive in place and putting the enclosure together.

5: Connecting old hard drive to the enclosure’s connectors

The two cables fit into their proper spots only, and they fit only one way. Now screw the drive into place on the connector’s rails, slide the drive into the large enclosure, and screw the enclosure together with the bundled screws.

portable hard drive
portable hard drive

6: Plugging in your new portable hard drive

Plug your new portable hard drive’s adapter into your wall socket, plug the power adapter cable into the portable drive box, plug the portable drive’s USB cable into your computer’s USB port, and (finally) turn your drive on with the enclosure’s On switch.
The drive will soon appear as a new letter and drive icon in your Start menu’s Computer window. Double-click it to see inside.

Voila!! you have now converted your old hard drive into a brand new portable hard drive to be used anywhere just like a USB flash drive :-)

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