FAKE NEWS: Punjab Schools Closing in Some Districts

Fake news has been circulating on social media regarding some schools in Punjab being closed for a week due to rise in the COVID-19 infections, however, the provincial education department has confirmed that the notification being shared online is “FAKE”.

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FAKE NEWS: Punjab Schools Closing in Some Districts.

According to the fake circular being shared on social media, both public and private schools in some districts of Punjab are to remain closed from 6-13 March owing to a rise in coronavirus cases in these areas. These said districts included Lahore, Gujranwala, Rawalpindi and Faisalabad.

However, the Punjab School Education Department has taken to Twitter and confirmed the notification as ‘FAKE NEWS’ providing clarification on the matter.

“Following notification being circulated, related to closure of schools in some districts, is FAKE.” said the department on Friday in one of its tweets regarding the circular.

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