Justice For Hunain: Beaten To Death By His Teacher

LAHORE: Criminals are hiding their faces in all forms. Justice for Hunain is trending on social media. He was beaten to death by his teacher.

Hafiz Hunain Bilal was student of 10th grade. He was studying in a private school in Lahore’s Gulshan-i-Ravi area. He lost his life after being severely tortured and beaten by his computer teacher on Thursday.

His crime was only not being able to complete his classwork. The teacher is being identified as Kamran Hashmi.

Hunain was a student of the American Lycetuff school.

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Statement From The Classmates

The classmates have testified the torture by the teacher. They have said he was severly beaten by the teacher. He was tortured by his teacher who struck his head with knuckles & banged it against the wall after kicking him several times to death.

Statement From The Police

According to the police Hafiz Hunain Bilal was student of class 10. The police quoted the students and said he was tortured by his teacher. The teacher allegedly tortured and killed Hunain as he failed to memorize his lesson.

The teacher has been arrested by the police while the body shifted to the mortuary for examination.

The boy was taken to the hospital right from the school but he could not be revived.

Iqbal Town SP Mohammad Ajmal said investigations are underway and actual facts will be revealed only after the post-mortem reports are received.

Police Case

Hunain’s father has registered a case under Sections 302 (punishment of qatl-i-amd) and 34 (acts done by several persons in furtherance of common intention) of the Pakistan Penal Code.

First Information Report (FIR)

According to the first information report (FIR)

  • Hunain was a student of the American Lycetuff school.
  • FIR quotes the father – The school principal and administration had been mentally harassing the boy from past few days on non-payment of fees. The dues were cleared by the father the same day.
  • The father received phone call from the principal at 1 pm on Thursday, and informed of Hunain’s deathe.
  • The principal also informed that Hunain was being taken to Gosha-e-Shifa Hospital.
  • The classmates informed the father that Hunain was beaten by teacher for not memorizing his lesson.
  • The teacher punched and kicked him several times. Grabbed him by his hair and hit his head against the wall. The teacher was yelling all the way.
  • Hunain collapsed on the classromm floor and died as a result of seveare beating.

Statement of One Calssfellow

One of the class fellow revealed in from on the reporters the teacher had been previously fired but returned after six months.

Kamran Hashmi’s lecture begane around 11:50 am. He had asked the students to memorize a lesson. He heard a few of the students repeating the lesson.

The student also revealed that theteacher had beaten the students in the past. He specially subjected to beating on the heads of those who failed to memorize.

He also said the teacher had been harassing Hunain since past few days and asking him to repeat the lesson. Hunain somehow could not memorize completely. Hunain had also missed bringing the book.

According to the witness

“He struck his head, his side, his stomach and went on hitting him,” the boy told the reporters. “When Hunain said he could not breathe, the teacher slammed him against the wall, saying, ‘Being dramatic are we?'”

The student went on saying Hunain collapsed to the floor. The principal came running to the class but Hunain had already lost consciousness.

The boy also said his clothes were all torn and he was in very bad shape.

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Justice for Hunain

Hunain’s Uncle Faisal

Hunain’s uncle Faisal demands justice for Hunain. He also said quoting the classmates that Hunain was laying on the floor semi-consciouse on the floor for about ten minutes. He let out a scream when his head was banged mercilessly against the wall.

Hunain’s family has taken to social media and demanding Justice For Hunain

My cousin’s son Hunain Bilal was killed by his computer teacher Kamran. Hunain was tourchered by the teacher on not learning the lesson. He smashed his head on the wall hunain become unco

When Teachers Become Butchers

Protest against the teacher Kamran and American Lycetuff school

A true concern


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