LED Flasher Circuit – DIY Project

Today we are here with a very simple and cheap project for new comers to electronics field and for all hobbyist out there. This circuit is a LED flasher circuit that drives 48 white LEDs at once with a 12V battery and a 555 timer IC.

Note: The circuit is tested and 100% in working condition. Credit goes to Wajeeh Uddin of Hamdard University for providing us with images and testing the circuit.

LED Flasher Circuit

LED flasher circuit

Components Required:

  1.  12V Battery
  2. On/Off Switch
  3. 555 Timer IC
  4. 10 uF or upto 100uF Capacitor
  5. 33 Kohm resistance
  6. 48 x White LEDs
  7. 16 x 82 ohm Resistance

Circuit Diagram:

LED flasher circuit

LED Flasher Circuit


The 555 is capable of sinking and sourcing up to 200mA, but it gets very hot when doing this on a 12v supply. The following circuit shows the maximum number of white LEDs that can be realistically driven from a 555 and we have limited the total current to about 130mA as each LED is designed to pass about 17mA to 22mA maximum. A white LED drops a characteristic 3.2v to 3.6v and this means only 3 LEDs can be placed in series.

So if you are new in the field of electronics and want to learn making circuits or learning about the operation of 555 timer IC then this project is the most ideal and simplest project for you. You can even place this circuit in a suitable enclosure and put it up somewhere as a piece of decoration for house or even connect it into your car battery and place the LEDs inline if you like.

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