LAHORE: Punjab schools will re-open on 15 September 2020 if conditions allow according to the Punjab Education Minister Murad Raas.

Punjab Schools
Punjab schools will re-open on 15 September if conditions allow.

In a tweet, the Education Minister said that conditions regarding COVID-19 were being monitored closely on a daily and weekly basis and if conditions are favorable, Punjab schools will re-open on 15 September following very strict standard operating procedures (SOPs).

This statement by the Provincial Education Minister Murad Raas comes a day after the meeting of education ministers where it was decided that schools in Pakistan will open during the first week of September keeping in view the coronavirus conditions at the time.

The education ministry is taking no risks when it comes to lives of children and teachers. Schools in Pakistan were closed in March 2020 following the outbreak of coronavirus in the country.

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Furthermore, any news circulating on the internet regarding opening of Punjab schools by 15 August is fake as confirmed by Education Minister Murad Raas a few days ago.

Fake News Alert: Schools to reopen from 15 August 2020

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