Ayeza Khan working on upcoming project from home

The Lifebuoy star Ayeza Khan says she is working on an upcoming project from home in an Instagram post she made along with pictures of her team.

Ayeza Khan
Ayeza Khan says she is working on an upcoming project from home and urges fans to not waste their time during lockdown and be productive.

Mehar Posh star also urged fans to not waste their time while under lockdown and be productive working from home.

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The Mere Paas Tum Ho star, Ayeza Khan said in her Instagram post:

The distance separates up but the work doesn’t stop. This is me and my team (Anila and Ryan) working on our upcoming project: discussing the look.

Ayeza Khan continued saying:

Don’t let the pandemic waste your time. Work from home and be productive.

Love my team, Anila, Ryan, Arham, Kashif

She made a follow up post with another collage of pictures saying that she had become a “make up artist, stylist and sometimes even a photographer”.

Ayeza is currently playing Mehru in her latest drama serial Mehar Posh that has been a hit so far and fans have loved the actress who stars along side her husband Danish Taimoor.

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