Ertugrul star Celal Al donates blood to Pakistani children

Turkish actor Celal Al from popular drama serial Ertgurul Ghazi, while on an extended tour in the country was recently spotted donating his blood to the Pakistani children diagnosed with thalassemia.

Celal Al
Ertugrul star Celal Al donates blood to Pakistani children

This kind gestured has earned the Ertugrul star huge appreciations, as Pakistanis continue to cherish the intensifying bond between the two nations.

Turkish national Celal Al gained popularity in Pakistan with depiction of warrior Abdur Rehman in historical series Dirilis Ertugrul. The serial garnered enormous accolades from the Pakistanis. And, consequently, the Ertugrul centrals ended as the new role models for the citizens. However, these Turkish stars are not only valued for the portrayal of Islamic fighters, there’s much more to their personalities that deserves the affection and adoration they had been garnering.

The actors from the period play Ertugrul had been extremely compassionate towards Pakistan and its people. The stars including Esra Bilgic, Engin Altan and many others have visited the country multiple times, working with the local brands and firms. Many also came to just meet their fans and gather their blessings. Likewise, Celal Al is no different.

Celal Al, together with Dirilis: Ertugrul’s production team arrived in the country to promote Pak-Turkey brotherhood with respect to media and entertainment industry. Two joint projects, based on the lives of “Abdur Rehman Peshawari” and “Babu Shah” were revealed to be in works in Pakistan. Moreover, the serials are to be produced in both Turkish and Urdu.

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Celal Al Donates Blood To Thalassemia Patients

Celal Al, Ertugrul
The Turkish actor donating his blood.

Celal Al while touring the country, on Sunday, visited Omair-Sana Foundation (OSF) and Children’s Hospital Karachi. The actor had been invited to Omair-Sana Foundation and Children Hospital Karachi by the its founders Dr Kashif Ansari, a US-based oncologist, and Dr Saqib Ansari, an eminent pediatric hematologist who are striving to eliminate thalassemia and other blood disorders from Pakistan. Many other famous personalities, alongside masses of Ertugrul devotees were also present at the event.

Celal Al, Ertugrul
Celal Al cutting cake with Pakistani children.

Furthermore, the Ertugrul’s Alp Celal Al spent plenty time with the little admirers there and during his visit to the aforementioned health centers; the generous soul also donated his blood for the upright cause.

“I’m donating my blood for the Pakistani children suffering from thalassemia. This will not only strengthen the bond between Turkey and Pakistan but will also encourage others to donate blood for those who need blood donations for living normal lives,” said the actor.

Celal Al, Ertugrul
The Turkish actor in Pakistan.

Moreover, Eminent BMT Surgeon and General Secretary OSF Dr Saqib Ansari also appreciated the Turks’ stopover.

“Turkish blood is being donated for Pakistani children; this will further strengthen the bond between the two nations,” he said.

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