Greedy Goat Who Cannot Resist Tasty Food

CHINA: It is always fun to have pets around. This one particular greedy goat simply cannot resist tasty food.

Pets are jolly and playful, they are entertaining as well. They are like family and trust me they begin to feel the same way. 

It’s not surprising that they start behaving and adopting their owners habits. Dogs are very loyal and friendly and we all know that. We see them in almost every home.

But wait have you met a goat acting humanly. Watch this lovely white goat enjoy tasty food with it’s owner.

The man in the video is a shepherd in a Datong, North- east China’s Shanxi Provincena. The greedy goat belongs to Li Fu. He is a 27 year old shepherd. The three year old male goat will just devour about every thing his master eats.

The lovely but greedy goat has become an internet celebrity in China.

Li Fu has been rearing and living among a heard of 100 goats.

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The three-year-old male goat has gained a loyal fan following of more than 300,000 followers on popular short video site Kuaishou.

Guess what? after becoming an internet celebrity the goat has saved itself from being slaughtered or sold off.

This goat really seems to enjoy tasty food.

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The video shows it running towards the master and snatching the apple he was eating.

The shepherd tries to keep the goat away from the apple but the goat is not ready to give up.

The goat is also seen enjoying the cake. 

The goat likes to munch on all sorts of food like fruits, cakes and noodles as well.

Fruits is normal for goats, they eat all sorts of fruits and vegetables but noodles? Who could have thought.

The Shepherd has said the goat is healthy despite its unique taste and liking for different food.

 Li Fu says he cannot eat anything in peace. He has to hide his food from his goat.

Even if he tries to hit him or push him away, he does not leave him and the food alone. It manages to steal the food anyhow.

Li said his goat has been named Greedy Goat by it’s followers. He cannot sale him in the market now. The only choice he has is to keep him as a pet. He is a celebrity animal.

“Greediness is what saved him” one of his fans commented.

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